"Awesome Attorney"

I never judge anyone until I meet them and when I met Mrs. Pierce I knew that I was making the right choice by retaining her as my attorney. She made the process very easy and answered all the questions I had in a timely matter. She made sure to keep informed with mailing documents or giving me call with my case status. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. If you need a family law attorney she is the one to hire.

- ndeleon28
"Amazing Attorney"

Raynor was always on top of everything and was very organized and professional.

- David
"Divorce is Difficult"

I hired Niki Pierce and used her services to file for divorce. Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Niki walked me through every step of the process and was very supportive during all the ups and downs that come with a divorce. She respected how important my children’s well being was, and worked with me to ensure that they were kept on the forefront of all our negotiations. It was not always an easy process, as both my ex and I had our own ideas of what was fair and what results we wanted from the divorce. However, Niki explained to me in great detail that we would follow the law as needed to get through this process. Niki filed all motions and papers in a timely manor and kept me apprised to all details about my case as it was taking place. She was very knowledgeable about the law and how it pertained to my case. Divorces are all different and many are difficult for the person going through them, Niki is completely respective to this and was always profession and respectful to what I was going through. I don’t think I could have made it through that difficult time with any other attorney by my side. I trusted her through the entire process and would recommend anyone going through a difficult thing like divorce to use Niki Pierce as their attorney.

- Nia
"Everything you want in an Attorney"

I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing Niki is. She is kind and understanding with her clients yet absolutely fierce and everything you want and need when it comes to divorce/child custody. She fought so hard and went above and beyond for me and my son in ways that I honestly didn’t even expect her to. She is incredibly organized and very well prepared in everything she does and readily available to answer any questions that you have. I was most amazed by her willingness to communicate and answer what I’m sure she thought were probably the silliest of questions at times but she always made me feel like I was her #1 client. I honestly believe that is the way she makes all of her clients feel. Through the entire process she always had mine and my sons best interest at heart walking me through the process step by step. Even giving me words of encouragement on those especially rough days. She is the one you want in your corner. ESPECIALLY if it is anything involving child custody.

- Ciera
"Excellent Work"

Niki Pierce helped me get custody of my daughter back when no one else would. I highly recommend her to any parent going through a custody battle. Every dollar is worth it.

- Teven K. Young

I wanted to get 50/50 custody of my child and was not sure of how or if I could since we lived in Alabama. Nikki prepared us for every way it could go and was very upfront. Surprisingly my ex wife decided to settle out of court and we got everything squared away. Nikki got the paperwork ready and made sure we worded everything just the way we needed to, to make sure I was protected.

- Jeffrey
"Professional, Knowledgable, Conscientious"

I am male, was married for almost 10 years, and my ex and I have 2 children (both girls). I was the one who filed for divorce. I consulted with 4 different attorneys in the area. Mine was not an amicable divorce, and it did involve children, a house, personal property, etc. Mrs. Pierce was a very strong advocate for myself, and my children. She worked swiftly, and was attentive, professional, and aggressive. There were many times when the anger and frustration of this process almost got the better of me, but thankfully, Mrs. Pierce did a great job of keeping me calm and focused on what I ultimately came to do. Mrs. Pierce was quick to set the tone for my divorce process. We had a hearing early on in the divorce process, and Mrs. Pierce was VERY well prepared, and made sure I was prepared as well. The ruling/orders that came out of that hearing set a precedent that would help dictate how it all ultimately ended. In what could have been a very lengthy, messy, frustrating, and expensive divorce, Mrs. Pierce’s experience, knowledge, conscientiousness, and professionalism came through. From the day I filed, until my divorce was over, done, and signed off, was 4 and a half months. I have been divorced for over a year now, and have had plenty of time to reflect upon the process. I would recommend Mrs. Pierce without reservation or hesitation for anyone in need of an extremely skilled and capable divorce attorney.

- Anonymous