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What causes pedestrian accidents in Alabama?

A lot of pedestrian accidents in Alabama are caused by distracted driving and negligence. Many motorists may use their phones, eat, listen to loud music, or engage in other activities that distract them from the road while driving. Some motorists also drive while intoxicated or under emotional distress, and as a result, they cannot make sound judgments.

While a lot of people may find themselves inclined to blame motorists, pedestrians may, more often than not, be at fault for causing accidents. Crossing roads at risky places, wearing dark clothes in poorly lit areas, and walking while intoxicated may result in a pedestrian accident. In Alabama, if a pedestrian is at fault for an accident, they will not receive compensation.

Steps you should take if you are ever hit by a car while walking.

To safeguard your health and protect your right to compensation if you are a victim of a pedestrian accident, you should:

While it may feel like you have minor injuries at the time of the accident, you may be oblivious to injuries due to shock. You may also suffer from internal injuries from the accident.

It is important to see a doctor immediately to make sure that you are alright or start the medical treatment you need to recover.

To ensure that your accident is documented, you should file a police report as soon as possible. You should also write a detailed account of how the accident occurred and try to get eyewitnesses’ contact details if you can solidify your case.

The driver’s insurance company should compensate you if they were completely at fault for the accident. As a result, you need to file your claim as soon as you can to ensure that you get compensation.

Negotiating with insurance companies is a difficult task and it is easy to be taken advantage of if you do not understand your rights. Working with an experienced car accident lawyer helps you improve your chances of being fully compensated for the accident.

Why you need a trusted Dothan, Alabama based pedestrian accident lawyer.

Pedestrian accidents not only have physical repercussions resulting from injuries on their victims, but they can also take an emotional, psychological, or financial toll on their families.

Pedestrian accidents may result in:

At Dothan Law Group, we understand how intricate pedestrian accident lawsuits can be and how challenging it can be to get fair settlement offers and make decisions that will affect both your case and your future. We thoroughly review your case and perform a comprehensive investigation to build a case in your favor.

Maximize your compensation.

Whether you sustain permanent injuries, get a limb severed, or lose the life of a loved one because of the accident, we fiercely represent our clients to ensure that they get a fair settlement.

If you get hit by a car while:

A Dothan Alabama pedestrian accident lawyer can help you file your claim in the legally correct manner and ensure insurance companies do not exploit you for their benefit.

Our skilled attorneys have an excellent track record of getting the highest possible compensation for pedestrian accident victims, so you can rest assured knowing you are in capable hands.

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Our Dothan Alabama car accident lawyer is ready to fiercely represent your case so you can focus solely on recovery without worrying about hospital bills piling up or negotiating with insurance companies.

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