Orders of Protection Attorneys

The Orders of Protection Attorneys at Dothan Law Group work to protect every person’s right to feel safe and live without the fear of being harmed or abused. The intended purpose of orders of protection is to safeguard family members of alleged abusers. Protection orders in Alabama can be issued against:

  • A victim’s spouse
  • A former spouse
  • Common-law or former common-law spouse
  • Person with whom the victim has or had a dating relationship
  • Person with whom the victim has a child
  • A present or former household member

By contacting Orders of Protection attorneys at Dothan Law Group, you can take legal action to ensure your abuser no longer harms you. We have a deep understanding of the system and we are here to aggressively fight for your rights and your safety.

Types of Protective Orders

In Alabama, a protection order is a court order issued under the Protection from Abuse Act which provides limited protection for people who have been threatened, harassed or physically abused. In Alabama, there are three types of protective orders:

  • An order of protection, also known as a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order, can be filed at any time, whether or not your abuser has a pending criminal charge or you are involved in a domestic relations case.
  • A no contact order, which is only available if there is a criminal charge filed against your abuser. The no contact order will take place within the criminal court system.
  • A restraining order, which is only available within a domestic relations case, such as a divorce or child custody matter.

Alabama’s Protection From Abuse Act, which enables the use of restraining and PFA orders, is meant to be liberally construed and used to give you as much protection as possible when you have been the victim of domestic violence.

Reasons to Grant Orders of Protection

Some instances in which a protection order could be issued include:

  • A history of threat or abuse
  • Threat to harm or kidnap children
  • Arson
  • Rape, sodomy or other sexual assault
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Child abuse or child neglect
  • Stalking
  • Unlawful imprisonment
  • Criminal trespass
  • Harming or killing of a family pet
  • Destruction of petitioner’s property

If you are unsure of whether another person’s harmful actions toward you or your children constitute domestic abuse, contact a restraining order lawyer at Dothan Law Group. At Dothan Law Group, we are highly experienced in obtaining protective orders. We will work to keep you and your family safe.

Order of Protection Violations

Since an Order of Protection is issued by the court, violating the order is a crime. If he or she fails to obey any part of the order, contact law enforcement officials as soon as possible and then consult with an attorney at Dothan Law Group. According to Alabama Code § 30-5A-4, a person can be arrested for violating any provision listed in a protective order that has been formally served. A first violation is a Class A misdemeanor, which could mean up to one year in jail, a $6,000 fine or both.

Defense Against Order of Protection

If you are facing false accusations of domestic violence, the best thing you can do is protect yourself by contacting Dothan Law Group. The consequences of a Protection Order can be severe. Failing to fight back could affect your personal life, professional life, and negatively impact your future rights, including custody. If you have been charged with abuse and served with an order of protection, our divorce attorneys can investigate your case, defend you in court, and help you protect your rights during your divorce.

Experienced Orders of Protection Attorney in Alabama

Whether you have been a victim of domestic violence or falsely accused of the act, the experienced attorneys at Dothan Law Group can provide aggressive representation and produce solid evidence at the order of protection hearing to support your position. We understand the importance of protection and restraining orders. The experienced protection order hearing lawyers at Dothan Law Group are passionate about defending your freedom.